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White 'frames', any ideas?

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Hey, I have these strange white lines around every still I put in the videos I use.  I don't really know how to explain it, so I've added a couple of screen shots, the white lines that surround the face and the lettering.  How do I get rid of this?  They are png images.  







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If this was a transparent PNG, with alpha channel - an image with a checkerboard behind it - the key (overlay) should be clean, as in this example.

An alternative would be an image that's in front of a green screen, to chroma key over a background using the GREEN SCREEN effect.

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@borateYeah, it was a png with alpha channel, and looks clean, even in the preview on videopad it is totally fine, looks crisp, no white, but then on export all these white edges appear :(  its VERY annoying!  


@Nationalsolo I made it using photoshop

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The white edging you see (I am pretty sure) comes from your method of creating your image which I suspect you did using a mask.The mask line is the problem. If you have a suitable image (jpg/bmp etc you don't necessarily have to produce a transparent png. A jpg or bmp etc will do but will require a green screen as Borate suggests.

In your graphics program..

  • Load a suitable image. In this case a mask (Scuse the pun!)
  • Apply a mask to the part you require to keep
  • Your program may enable you to use mask smoothing
  • Invert the mask. The mask will now be the unwanted area.
  • Your program may enable you to enlarge the mask to reduce the object border a pixel or two (feather).
  • Fill the masked area with a pure colour...e.g. Green

It will now look a bit like this......


  • Remove the mask
  • Save the image as a jpg or bmp

It will look a bit like this......


  • Open VP and load this image
  • Load a clip or a blank frame....in this example I am using a blank black frame as it will better show the defect you are getting)
  • Place the blank clip/frame on Video Track 1 and the Overlay image (the face) on Video Track 2
  • Click the FX for the overlay (Track2) clip and select Green Screen.
  • As the clip image has been given a green background choose the same colour for the screen
  • Put the sequence line cursor so it passes through both tracks and preview the sequence.

At this point you will see that the edge of the mask is visible as a thin green line (This might be why yours is white??)


To reduce this unwanted effect increase the value of the Threshold setting to 99% and the border should pretty well disappear....


Note that this over a black frame on Video Track1.  Over a video clip ....



Hope this helps






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