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Not able to open certain wav files

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I am able to open .wav files with WavePad in general but now I am seeing problems when trying to open some files I used to open with GoldPlay 10+ years ago. I get error messages: "WavePad could not open the file ... for editing". First my file was named as sample1.in but it did not help even I renamed it as sample1.wav. What could be the problem? Files are 16bit mono files with Fs 8- or 16kHz.

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Ok, so you are having issues with some of those files, or with all of them? Are you able to play those files using Windows Media Player? Please try. You can also try to delete cache files in wavepad folder: 

1. From WavePad, select the Options menu > Audio tab > "Audio working folder" section, check mark the "Use this specified folder" box and copy the folder path.
On our end is >  C:\Users\sebastian\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\WavePad.
2. Paste the path on your windows folder explorer, this will open the Cache contents.
3. Delete all files within this folder.
4. Close WavePad and re open it again.
5. Re load the file and let us know the outcome.


If the issue still persist, open a support ticket to http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html?software=WavePad&home . We might required you to send some of those files for testing. 

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Thanks. I have issues with some of the files and those files I can't play with Windows Media Player either.

I also tried your 5 step instructions but no help. In case you want to check one example file I could send it for example over email. 

...I will open a support ticket.

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Hi MikeF,

I suspect that the files you are trying to open are not true .wav files. It sounds like they probably have a proprietary GoldWave header format which WavePad is not able to read. If you would be happy to upload one of these files to a service like DropBox or similar then I'd be happy to take a look for you. Just PM me the download details.



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