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Issue: Jumping to Video End on Play

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I am using the free version of VideoPad to arrange and edit some gameplay videos for YouTube.

Most of what I do with it involves cutting out and rearranging sections of the audio track with my voice in it, in order to correct stutter and remove coughing and throat clearing.

Occasionally, when I am trying to make a precise cut to an audio track, and frequently stopping and re-playing a small section in order to make sure that the cut is where I want it to be, by pressing the space bar, VideoPad's navigation/cursor bar jumps all the way to the very end of my video (as though I had hit 'Go to End') instead of resuming paused play.

This is extremely frustrating, since I then have to navigate back to the section I was working on in videos that are frequently 20 minutes to half an hour long, and start looking for the precise point to make my cut all over again. I can think of no reason for it, unless perhaps content was skipped over because VideoPad had not processed it properly. However, this happens sometimes when I have been carefully examining the same couple of seconds without trouble, which seems to indicate otherwise.

Any advice or explanations would be greatly appreciated.

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Unable to duplicate that while cutting and rearranging a dozen clips on the voice track of a short video.  In each case, the spacebar picked up where it left off, using version 5.11.

If the pointer is at screen-right, and the mouse is left-clicked, that would cause the scrubber (red line) to jump to the end.

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