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How To Add A date In front Of Each Item In an Invoice

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Lafif    0


I just bought Express Invoice yesterday, I liked so much and before thoroughly testing it I bought it without hesitant, and I'm not regretting that :).

anyways..... I'm trying to figure out my way through it, I have a small Service company, my work is to provide  some services on a long run which means the service I provide takes time, and I have to mentioned in my invoice each date which job is been done and what Iteme been purchased. its like a report type Invoice. so I need to mention the date along with Item and description, and of course the price comes after that and quantity and so on.

before I put my question I will share with you my attempts.

1- Renamed Item column to date , result creating so many duplicate items, with different descriptions and different prices because the system records the date as an item not as a date

2- Renamed the quantity column into date, that didn't work at all.

3- Tried adding the date in the description field while making the invoice, but that would be a tedious job on the long run which is unpredictable, which will lead so many mistakes and wrong information in future.

Now I have no other options, besides call for help, I either find a solution for this or uninstall the software and look for another one.

Is there anyway to add date column in front of each Item?

Any Ideas ?

please help.

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Unfortunately in this case there is no way to add additional columns into the program, and the option the program offers to add additional information would be in "Comments" section, which is located in the lower left. In this case you'll need to add the date manually, for every invoice.  

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PeterW59    0

Couldn't you just enter onto the invoice your item by its item number which will display the description & price. Double click on the text in the description and this will allow you add free text eg your date. So you could then have multiple items of the same item number and cost but with dates alongside them. Hope that helps

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Gekker    0

Express Invoice is not designed to add, remove or change the invoice columns, you can just edit the header's text, but that won't change the type of data you're entering.
We recommend using the Comments section at the bottom left of the invoice edition text field.

NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

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