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Sound lost in the sequence of videos starting from second

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Hello. I'm using registered version (Home Edition) of Debut 4.4 for recording from WebCam. Since I need pretty long period of recording, up to the couple of days, I have decided to start a new video every hour, and not to deal with huge single file. So, I checked "Limits" option to create a new video every hour. Video works fine, but it misses the sound, starting with the second file. Everything fine in the first one, but not even an audio track starting from second right until the end. Any advice?

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Hello, the audio source you are recording is it your speakers or a microphone? I have tested using the speakers option and the audio was recorded fine on the second and subsequent recordings.   Also, if you are using a USB microphone you may want to check if the issue happens when you use a different USB port.

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