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Paul Schneiter

How to Sign in PhotoPad Image Editor

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Where is the page that allows the user to sign in to Photo Pad?  I can't find it.  I assume a password is required.  Where is it supposed to be entered?  If I enter "PhotoPad," it cannot be opened, which tells me that a password is required.  I will appreciate any guidance members can provide.

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PhotoPad doesn't have a password or any kind of sign in mechanism.

You might be referring to the registration code (numbers-letters) that is entered into the program in order to license it.
After you purchased your license you should've received an email with a 12 or 13 digits serial number that must be activated at https://secure.nch.com.au/activate/index.html  in order to generate the registration code. Sometimes you'll receive the registration code up front.

The registration code is entered by going to File > Register Software...

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