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Website Issue after upgrading to latest version from 3.24

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i Guys,

Was running Inventoria 3.24 under windows XP 32 with no issues for years!!!

Backed up the database, purchassed a brand new license for a new WIN 10PRO 64B pc, installed that version (3.58) restored the BACKUP from the previous version (3.24)

Application lloks fine but the website no longer workds..... error:

invalidNode = document.getElementById('invalidTag');if (invalidNode) {invalidRow = invalidNode.parentNode.parentNode;if (invalidRow.parentNode) {invalidRow.parentNode.removeChild(invalidRow);};while (invalidNode.firstChild) {invalidNode.removeChild(invalidNode.firstChild);}} else {invalidRow = document.createElement('tr');invalidCell = document.createElement('td');invalidCell.colSpan = 2;invalidNode = document.createElement('div');invalidNode.id = 'invalidTag';invalidNode.style.color = '#a00000';invalidRow.appendChild(invalidCell);invalidCell.appendChild(invalidNode);};invalidControl = document.getElementById("101");if (invalidControl) {container = invalidControl.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode;invalidText = document.createTextNode("Please enter a valid email address.");invalidNode.appendChild(invalidText);while ((splitPos = invalidText.data.lastIndexOf('\n')) != -1) {var newTextNode = invalidText.splitText(splitPos);newTextNode.deleteData(0, 1);var br = document.createElement('br');invalidNode.insertBefore(br, newTextNode);}container.insertBefore(invalidRow, invalidControl.parentNode.parentNode);invalidControl.focus();}


Any ideas ?

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Hello, when you say the website I image you are referring to the Web access, if so, please open Inventoria and go to Options > Web Accounts and add a new user with administrator privileges for you to test.  Once you have created this new user please test again the Web Access feature, and if the issues remain you may want to contact NCH Software support for further assistance. 

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