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Software that records speaker sound

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For the most part, Debut Video Capture software is great for recording my on-screen activities. However, it is not so great for recording the sound.

It only seems to record audio from my microphone. While my microphone can pick up sound from the speakers, it doesn't pick it up very well unless I put the microphone next to the speakers.

I already have an app that lets me record audio from my  microphone. It's called the "sound recorder" app and it comes default with my version of Windows. So I don't need anything else.

Is there an app for screen recording that is just as inuitive as Debut, but that records audio from the speakers (preferably with zero quality loss, the same as if I had downloaded the video rather than simply recorded it), not the microphone?

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Hello, when you open Debut you may go to Options > Audio and there select the option for Speakers and leave the filter option as default (MMDevice) and click on OK to save it. That should get the program to record what plays through your computer's speakers. To change the audio quality on the audio you would record you may click on the Encoder options button on the main Debut screen and select the audio compressor and bitrate. Keep in mind that the compressor and bitrate options will change depending on the video format you are selecting to record the screen as.

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