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Paid Video Capture Software questions

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stockcarman    0

I am interested in this program but would like some questions answered first 

How many minutes can you record a stream with the paid Video Capture Software   ?
Can you record live streams ?
Can a live stream be time recorded to start and stop at a pacific time ?

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Chris75    0

Hello, yes, Debut has a limit of 10 hours for the maximum time for a single recording, but it offers you the option to start a new recording when the time reaches it's limit.  

About the stream recordings, the option would be to record your screen while the stream is viewed, but you may want to keep in mind that some streams may have anti piracy security that may cause issues with your recording, so please make sure you are not violating any copyrights laws when intending to record the stream. 

Debut has a feature to schedule recordings using your computer's clock and set if the recording should be daily or weekly and select the start time and end time and which days of the week should the recording happen. You can find those options on Debut > File > Schedule recording. 

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