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Long notes with Beat Designer

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Hello to everyone, I recently started to use MixPad and I am learning how to create drum beats with beat designer. Overall it is pretty straightforward, but what I couldn't understand is how I can make notes that last longer than a quarter. I need this for cymbals, but so far, the longest notes I could get are one quarter, while I sometimes need cymbals that go on for 2 or more bars. 

Hope someone can help me with this!

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You can subdivide each beat in a track to create smaller beat durations. So, for your kick drum you may have a kick every 1/4 quarter note, but for your hi-hat you may have a hit every 1/8 note. To change the beat divisions click on the spanner icon of the track and change the number of divisions.




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Hi Thor86,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, the beat designer was not created with this situation in mind, however I can see how it would be a useful feature. We are currently working on a range of improvements to the beat designer, and I will make sure this idea is put forward.



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