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How to reduce the volume of sounf in part of a video clip

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Being new to this software (I have been using Sony Vegas) I would really appreciate some kind person telling me HOW TO REDUCE THE SOUND VOLUME IN JUST A PART OF A VIDEO CLIP so that a voice over can be inserted. This means that the whole clip would start  at the normal volume, but when the cursor reaches the part needed to be quitened that would happen to a lower volume set to allow a voive over and then return to the original volume at the end of the selected part. The volumee slider at the far left lowers the volume for the whole clip.

Is there an easy way or am I going to have to cut out the slected part and put it in another video track with the volume reduced.  If that is so then how do I keep the two parts on either side of the selected part open and not just closing the gap.  Sorry to be a bother but this problem is getting to me.  Many thanks in advance.  I am using the altrest version of  the software.... if that helps. 


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Create splits at the points on the background (BG) audio track that correspond to the start and end of where narration is heard.

Click on this split section.  In the waveform window that opens drag the horizontal line downwards - to lower the BG gain..

Create keyframes by clicking anywhere on the line - to plot a slope that will make the volume level transition gradual.

After doing this, the horizontal blue line in the BG track will reflect the audio adjustment.


Also see this.

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I have usually found that keeping the background soundtrack at a constant lower level than the narration is somewhat better than dropping the volume every time the voice comes in. The latter makes it sound like there is automatic gain on the soundtrack which can be annoying particularly if blocks of narration are close together. But if that is what you want Borate's method (and yes, I have used it :-)) ) will work.

So, record your narration live while watching your video using the RECORD option. It will appear on Audio track 2. Left click the loudspeaker icon on Audio track 1 and then slide the general volume down to a suitable level e.g. 25 - 30%. Play the video and then adjust the value so the narration comes over clearly.

Live narration in this way can be a bit of a pain. It's easy to "err!" all the time or  say the wrong thing, fluff your words or get behind with the visuals. .....Alternatively  you could watch the video and write a script that describes the action and which has the correct timing. Record it separately as short sound clips. Put the clips onto Audio track 2 and move them into position to match the visuals. Now adjust Audio track 1 so your narration comes over OK..


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