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Possible additions to NCH Clipart Library to outline/mark text

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Whilst replying to a previous post regarding ways to outline or mark in some way parts of text or objects in video clips I noticed that whilst there  are  lots of useful clipart images in the NCH clipart library, there no simple empty geometric outline shapes  that could be used for this purpose. e.g. different sized squares, short and long rectangles; circles ovals; round cornered rectangles etc. Currently one has to either adapt font images like Webdings, (which is very limited) or specially create or download something suitable from dedicated websites.

Any chance that the libray could be expanded to include such outlines?



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Hi Nat,

An external image editor can be used to create simple drawings that can be used in VideoPad. We can import images with transparent background as an overlaying clip.

We have another product (Express Animate) which is designed to animate drawings. We are working on the integration between VideoPad and Express Animate. Users can create animated drawings from Express Animate and import them to VideoPad as overlay clips - via PNG image sequence or APNG video file format.

Best regards,



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