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Totally new to video editing

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I'm absolutely new to video editing & VideoPad Video Editor too. I found the understanding of the basics and principles obviously hard and really get the impression that the help tutorials are geared towards those who at least know something about the subject already. I'm thinking that it would of been great to have had a help section just for absolute beginners who know nothing about it all, with the basic essential concepts explained, and written in a way that an absolute beginner can understand. It would be a shame if absolute beginners were put off by how complex it can seem at 1st and never got to realize how great & powerful this piece of software really is.

NONE of the tutorials I find online offer this simplicity.  I'm Not stupid, hell, I take computer Viruses, worms, trojans, key loggers, and other back door crap off of peoples computers all the time!!
I deal with people 24/7 (even in my off-time) getting crapware off their computers....and don't get a headache...lol.  I get a freaking Migraine Headache trying to understand your software, even
with your tutorials....WOW. :(
There is Nothing in your tutorials geared toward the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. <SIGH>

I chase windmill blades around, and steer them around corners (120 to over 200 feet long).  My dash cam records in 2 minute segments...minimum. All I want to do is edit and delete portions of the video where no turn is being done.....then repost them to my facebook page for other pilot cars, truck drivers and steerman to view.  I've looked at other video editing software, and yours seems to be the easiest  to learn, or so I thought.  IF I can learn the free software program fairly easy and quick, I'm going to Buy the software. :)


HELP :mellow:


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For a newcomer to video editing some programs can seem very complex even at the outset. On the other hand, VP for a beginner is pretty intuative with an all in one interface. The basic principles are easy to grasp and implement.,,,in essence just like handling cine film...Load your video/Place it on the timeline/Cut and remove unwanted bits/Export your result ....but like any program there are more complex areas.

The help videos on Youtube for example, are not always up to date with the latest version (or the operating system) and often being silent are difficult to follow. However, help from within VP is available since by Tapping F1 it brings up a help page where all of the many functions are displayed and their use explained, As with any new program of this type it takes time to learn but VP lets you get going at a basic level very quickly. 

At the end of the day don't hesitate to write to this forum with any editing problem or "How to" query. Don't worry about it being a completely "naff" simple query. Someone will nearly always help.

Where do you want to start?  :)




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Hello and I love this forum. 

I have been trying to do the same thing. Just cut out a tiny portion of a video. No can figure it out. :(
I too am a computer tech and can use photoshop pro talk about complex! But I cannot figure out how to cut out just a portion of the video.
And if someone chooses to explain it in enough detail that us computer savvy people can understand can you also add how to cut out the sound and leave the video in tact for voice over editing and vice versa.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can get me up to speed on these things.


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Click anywhere on the timeline and a small graphic pops up.  Click it to create a SPLIT.  Or click the SPLIT button.  Or click the chevron to the right of the split button and choose specific tracks to be split.

If you split at your intended start point, and again at the end point - in essence, creating a new clip - then that clip can be excised.  Right-click on the new clip to see the options or click the clip and press the DEL key.

Audio and video tracks can be unliinked from each other by right-clicking either track to bring up a  menu.  Click the UNLINK item.  Thereafter, each track is independent of the other.

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