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Hello there,

I purchased my videopad video editor software from NHC in September 2015. From one minute to the other my sequence preview and the whole programm got screwed.

When I try to see the video I'm working on in the sequence preview/the preview/effects my video is constantly stopping(freezing/lagging),my video for some reason is always in slowmotion and also at one point it just stops  and says: building preview even though the video has already loaded in. I really don't know what to do and unfortunately I cannot work like this anymore.

 I already tried to reinstall the programm, to give the program time and just play the whole thing once or twice with all the laggs,slow motion in the hope that after I played it like this it had time to calibrate all the crap and then be able to play it normal but no...  it still doesn't work. Please if you have any tipp let me know! I also don't know how to upgrade the program.


Thank you !

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The latest version is here.  Try it out.  An eventual upgrade isn't free though, because it's been several years since you purchased.

Video editing is resource intensive;  what are the specs for your PC - CPU, GPU, RAM, available disk space, etc. ?

Lowering preview resolution may help.  Right-click in the preview window to set it.

To eliminate the possibility there is cache corruption, "clear unused files."  That button should be under an OPTION tab.

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Hey hey,

I downloaded the latest version. It works better indeed. Thanks to this version there is no slowmo anymore  and that's quite revealing, hehe. Unfortunately when there is a transition between 2 cuts, or when there would be a fade out  it keeps on saying "building preview". Doesn't matter how many times I give it time to build that damn preview and never builds it xD ....  maybe it's because of my pc ?


I already tried lowering prev. resolution , unfortunately didn't help. I'll give a kick to the "clear unused files". 

In anycase, it works better and I can work x)

thank you very much !

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