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express invoice free download wont open

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I hope someone can help. I downloaded the free version from the NCH site a few months ago. The NCH site says its free forever but now I'm trying to open it and it wont do so unless I pay. And somehow it thinks I have the plus version. I only need a very basic version for 2 invoices per month and dont need all the extra functionality.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how I get back to the free version and retain the logo and client info that I have input please?

I'm running this on a mac if that has any bearing


Thanks for any help. 

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It sounds like you've been running the free trial of the paid version. I'll PM you a link to the free version. You can back up your data via Express Invoice's Tools menu, uninstall the trial, install the free version, and import your data via the same menu.

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