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Free version not allowing saved projects to be opened

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I am wondering if anyone has encountered the problem of not being able to open a project because, "the project has 3 or more video or audio tracks. Please upgrade to video pad professional to load it." While I was working on the video and editing it over the course of the week, I could save it with one video track and two audio tracks and reopen the project with out a problem. However, once I added narration and music at the beginning and end and put it into the second audio slot and saved it, I get the notification quoted above. So basically I spent around five hours of editing and it resulted in not being able to access my video.

The only other thing that I could think of that might have happened is that when I saved it, all my narration was moved down into a third audio slot. The only reason I have for thinking this is that after I finished narrating a section, it would move down into the third slot and I manually moved it into the second audio slot. But when I saved it all audio was in the first and second slots.

I understand not being able to export the video if more audio and video slots are filled than the free amount allows, but totally restricting someone from fixing it and accessing the video is completely unreasonable.

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