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How to record in game audio?

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I play lots of games for my Youtube and I use Debut to record them. The problem is that I want Debut to record the audio that is being played from inside of the computer, or the game, not the audio outside of the computer say somebody talking. I want it to do this without me unplugging my headphones and then Debut recording the outside audio. Tell me how to do it please.

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I get in a muddle with audio.  This is my current setup where I'm recording speakers but not microphone, it never records "room" sounds, even tho microphone is ticked - I seemed to have to tick it in order to fetch up the stereo mix option in the Debut dropdown.

You need Stereo Mix set as your default recording device in your PC's audio settings.


Sorry if that doesn't help, maybe someone more techie will chip in :)


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Please set your Soundcard or "Stereo Mix" option as your Windows default recording device before trying again. Go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording menu > select your SoundCard or Stereo Mix opton to set as default. If these options are not listed, right click on the blank area, select "Show disabled devices", look for the option, select, click "Set default", and OK. 

When ready, go to Debut options > Audio > check mark Microphone and Speakers boxes and click OK and re test.

Best regards, 



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