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Can Video be Recovered after power outage?

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Hello Forum, I'm new here so please forgive any lapses in terminology.

I just had an unexpected power outage on my PC whilst capturing a large video recording of some live data on the internet.

The result is that I have the untitled video file, but it will not play.

I am wondering if it can be recovered as it contains information I need.

I checked the file properties against another recording I made a couple of hours earlier and the resulting difference can be seen in the attached picture.

I tried to convert the .avi file but it will not load in the file converter I suspect as the properties are missing.

When I right click on a working recording and check properties, the genral and details tabs contain information

When I right click on the non-working recording to check details, the general tab contains the usual information, but the details tab is empty

Does anyone have any suggestions how I might recover and use the video file?

In the attached picture Untitled 43.avi works fine as I expect (I stopped the recording normally) but Untitled 44.avi does not play as it was subject to the PC shutting down before I could manually stop the recording.

Any help would be greatly appreciated




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Sadly, I have never been able to recover any recording that wasn't properly "finished off" by Debut.  It's a problem I've Googled several times but never found a solution.

I can't remember if I've ever written to Debut Support about it. 

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