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Putting RANDOM transitions between MULTIPLE clips

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If I  group (or select) a number of clips on the timeline I can only use the drop down list under the Transition tab to add a selected transition between all the clips chosen (VP informs the user that multiple clips have been chose etc and follows the choice with the style of transion)  but it will be  the same transition between all the clips.This menu does not have Random listed.

If, however I select or group  the clips and then use the X between any two to obtain the transition window then Random does appear  but any transition chosen cannot be placed between all the selected clips only between the clips either side of the X.

How can one add a Random transition between a group of selected clip/images or is this waiting do be developed?

(On the other hand I may have forgotten a step somewhere.......:huh: )



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c_major    0

Hi Nat,

Yes, it's under development. In fact we are working on themes and templates which in a more manageable manner then just Random.

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