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Purchase Order Sync

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Good Evening, I hope someone can help here.... I have installed the following Plus others....


Express Accounts
Express Invoice
Copper POS


I would like to know when making a purchase order inside Inventoria i do not get a sync with Express accounts not even if i make the purchase order in Express Accounts i do not get the order inside Inventoria, do i really have to print each and every purchase order i make and then re enter them into express Accounts? This make my day so long winded! the idea of getting this full suite was to make things easier.


When i use Express Invoice it do not copy over any invoices or customers when making a invoice (i use this for when i am on the road or at a clients business) to express accounts, I use Copper on the front desk but again this do not seam to add my takings for the day into express accounts. 

So what i am asking is.... do i have to re enter all my data from each station into my express accounts for the end of day? just seams to waste a lot of time at this time and one reason i thought i would come here and ask others or admins.


One last thing, When i purchased the full business suite (i got it on version 5.07) i was given a free upgrade to the latest one at the time, i done so.... i had a hard drive crash a few weeks back and built a new back office pc but now i can not register 5.10 (This was the updated version at the time of purchase) as it says it is a upgrade, This has really annoyed me now as i was using the newer version on all the business apps until the crash.


Hope someone can help



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Hello @TADS,

NCH has instructions on their website to sync Express Invoice, Express Accounts, Copper and Inventoria here:

On the Express Invoice user's manual there are sync instructions: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/expressinvoice/win/linksync.html
Go to Express Invoice > Tools > Options > Inventory.

On the Inventoria user's manual there are sync instructions: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/inventoria/win/advanced.html
Go to Inventoria > Tools Options > Other tab > Advanced Settings.

On the Copper manual there are sync instructions: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/copper/win/linksync.html
Go to Copper > Tools > Options > Sync App tab.

On the Express Accounts user's manual there are sync instructions: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/expressaccounts/win/linksync.html
Go to > Express Accounts > Tools > Options > Inventory.

Each software from the NCH Business Suite has its own version, contact their support so they can verify your licenses and provide the correct version installer.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for your comment Gekker but i think you missed my point. i have had the exact same message/email from support the thing is i have everything sync'd up but the important matters still have problems. IE: when making a purchase order/order stock from inventoria it DO NOT place that purchase order into express accounts, and at the same time when using Copper POS that do not add the sales into Express Accounts. These was my main points not connecting the 3 applications.


Please do not think i am rude but this same message is all over the forums and all over the internet it is over used and does not help anyone other then connecting the 3 applications in a very small way, but this message DOES NOT explain my problems.


thank you again and i am awaiting again for a email back from support for this matter and if i get any answer i will update this ticket to help others.



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Good day,

Any further detail on this topic will be appreciated. Trying for 2 days now non stop to try to sync to no avail.

All sync options set correctly and get message update successful.

An detailed update what may cause it will be appreciated I think not only by me but many other users.



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