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notes of different duration in the same position on the staff

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In 3/4 time, in the treble clef, I am trying to write a dotted half note for my thumb and holding it while playing two dotted quarter notes with other fingers of the same hand. The dotted half note and the first dotted quarter note is played at the same time. I am unable to put these two notes in the same position on the staff. The program will not allow the dotted quarter note to overlap the space required by the dotted half note. These are not notes making up a cord, but notes of different duration started on the same beat of the measure.

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What you are trying to do is what Crescendo refers to as multiple voices. For something like guitar music, it is common to have a bass line and melody line written on the same staff. In Crescendo you write these two parts as two different voices. Voices in Crescendo can overlap each other.


To change which voice notes belong to, go the "Voices" menu and select Voice 1,2,3 or 4. Any notes you add to Crescendo will now be part of that voice.


If you have already added a note and you want to reassign it to a different voice, then you can right click on the note and go to the "Voices" item in the pop-up menu and select the correct voice.




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