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Increasing .wav files without creating distortion.

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Zenesz    0

I need to increase the volume (amplify) of the .wav files I'm submitting for a composer's grant. (I'll ultimately be converting the .wav files to .flac files because the "authorities" don't accept .wav files, for some unknown reason.)


How can I do this without causing distortion?—the amplified files don't sound good.


Thank you for your help!

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Telephony    0



The available option for this will be to use the Amplify Effect / option, after the effect, use the File > Save file As ... select .FLAC > use the Encoder compression level "2 Balance" and a higher sample rate(96000), click OK and play the recording.


For more information or support, contact the NCH support staff > supportnch@nchsoftware.com



Best regards,

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vapors    0

I'm assuming when you say' the amplified files' you are referring to files that you have amplified in WavePad?


Could you give us just a bit more info - when you look at the original files' waveform, does it have any spots where it comes close to peaking?


If you amplify a file to any degree that sends parts of it past 0 dB (peak) then you will get distortion.


Converting it to flac is secondary; you'll need to get it mastered properly first (do whatever necessary to trim peaks so you can amplify it enough), and if the original file is in good shape,

it is likely that you can do that with WavePad.

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nchBen    0

Hi Zenesz,

Amplifying an audio file will simply increase the amplitude of the file by a set factor, so any audio which is close to clipping and distorting is likely to be pushed over this limit. This is especially so if your audio contains a large dynamic range of soft parts and loud parts.


I would suggest using the compressor to reduce the dynamic range of the audio file and then using the normalize function. Let me know if you need more details.




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