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Old Version Download Site Flagged as Malicious

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TDDK    0

I successfully relied on the oldversiondownload.com website of NCH to download a previous version of my paid videopad so I can get a client video out asap.


Last week it worked fine (using chrome & google safe search) but now google safe search flags this download website as malicious & possibly having malicious or malware installed by hacker(s)


A novel way/place to do it - but would like NCH to address this & ensure their download site is "bullet proof" - we videopad clients need to rely on it.


To prevent myself from being hit with these delays, I tried to install both working & latest & greatest version of VideoPad in parallel - but they informed me this cannot be done - just the way videopad is installed/configured.


So this means I & other will heavily rely on the above old version download website of NCH - which is a fantastic support method.


Just want NCH to ensure/guarantee that hackers CANNOT infiltrate this download site - perhaps google safe search is erring on the side of caution & safety.


Anyways, anything any of us do on the internet is at our own risk, despite all the safeguards we have put in place i.e. mcafee, firewalls, ccleaner, etc


Thanks to Josh at NCH who helped me get back on track with client videos - videopad has worked "flawlessly" for me for nearly 2 years & am very happy with the product.


Good Work NCH !



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