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Sound doesn`t play on timeline

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I have a problem hearing the sound while editing.

I do hear the files when they are still placed in the sequence window,

but as soon as I add them to the timeline, I can`t here it. (the earphones or loudspeaker are well wired).

In the begining I waited patienately for the previewing to finish,

as I got the title in the bottom of the screen, which asks me to wait for its completion,

but lately, even then. after completeing the preview process, the sound did not returm.


What can be done about it?


thank you


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First you may want to confirm if the issue happens with all files you load or just with some. If this happens just to some files you may want to check if this happens to specific file formats. Are you applying any effects to the audio you are having issues with.

For further assistance on this issue you may want to actually contact the NCH software support team.

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Hi there! I think the problem is with the specific file format when you are playing the sound or adding files to it. Check the format in which the file is added or you may consult software support team for the issue. I was also facing the similar issue when I play with cheap audiophile headphones, but then I came to know that it was a minute software error.

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