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Newbie needs help setting up. Voice not showing up

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I'm just starting to learn Wavepad. I have version 5.5 Master's Edition. I have a mic I prefer to use, but I'm not getting my voice on the file when I hit playback. The fan in the background, but no voice. The microphones I have are: CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone that I got a few years ago, DigitalIn RealTek High Definition, HD Pro Webcam C-920. and the one I like is the CAD U1 Dynamic Recording. It's in the choices in the recording, so the computer is finding the mic, but WavePad is not picking up my voice. We want to use it for voiceover and narrations for our YouTube videos.


We have a Hewlett Packard P6110Y PC running Windows Vista service pack 2.


I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm doing something wrong. I'm not really sure how to set Wavepad for recording. My speakers with the RealTek High Definition Audio is the default. Am I supposed to leave that there(in Windows Control Panel) or change it to the 2 C-Media USB Mic? How do I ser up the options for playback and recording? Which selections do I pick and what does "Master Volume" even mean?


Can someone walk me through the steps of setting up WavePad, and the options? I would really appreciate any help and advice.


Thanks for your help and patience in advance.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Katherine Logan

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Hi Katherine,


In the program Wavepad the procedure to set a device to be used as default for recording is set from the options in the program. Click on Options/Preferences and in the Recording tab you can set the device where to record from. As soon as you pick the device the volume level bars should start responding to the signal received from that device. If you speak to the mic the bars should react to that signal. Click on save when you have selected the device and set the amount of volume to use with that device.


Assuming that in the Recording settings windows the volume bars were reacting to the signal from the mic, then next in the main window of Wavepad you can click on the Record button to start recording a new file. Test if when you speak to the mic the signal is received in Wavepad, there should be activity in the waveform.


In the case the volume bars do not react when you speak to the mic, please test to record using that mic from another program Windows Sound Recorder or Mac's Voice Notes.


If other programs can't record with that mic it is possible a compatibility issue of the device and your computer which you can check with the support from the Mic's manufacturer.

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I'm brand new too. When I record , sound is soft and muffled. I get a banner at the bottom that says "No significant audio has been recorded yet. You may need to change the recording settings." I click on the Record Options button, I've tried each option, no change with any of them.

Can anyone tell me how to get my microphone to work with this app? I'm using Rode NT-1 mike and Windows 10.

Thank you,


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