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More about Objects in Express Animate

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Just a newbie to this awesome program and loving it.


I am trying to find out more about the Objects as viewed and adjusted in the Composition Panel. I have read the help manual but cannot find the information I require.


More specifically, I would like to know what the "Path" value does and how to use it.


I would also like to ask if there is a way to select multiple objects and collectively adjust their Duration - for example, if a had 10 objects in a animation project and wanted to adjust say 6 of the objects duration, I currently have to do this manually for each object.

I am able to select all 6 objects by holding the Shift key and clicking on each object from the Composition Panel, but then if I right mouse click to access the sub menu (in an attempt to select the "Set Duration" value), my selection is reverted to just one object.


I appreciate any and all advice anyone can throw my way.


Many thanks.



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Hi Graham/grazzaloptus


If you are still interested and haven't already solved it, Path allows you to keyframe changes to a shape outline - you can move vertex positions to animate the "shape of the shape", so to speak.


No way to change multiple durations that I can see.

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