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Blue dashed line keeps following my mouse

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I've been using Debut without problem for a few weeks. Suddenly, today, the dashed blue frame has decided to start following my mouse around -- after I have carefully placed the frame around my screen video. I place the blue frame as usual, then click "select." But then when I move my mouse, the blue line moves with the mouse. I have to move the mouse after clicking "select" since otherwise I can't activate the video that I'm trying to record.


Can anyone tell me why the blue line is suddenly following my mouse -- and how I can stop it from doing so?





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It's happened to me. Eventually, I found a box ticked telling the capture area to follow your mouse-pointer - how it got ticked, after I had used various versions of Debut for years and never even knew it was there, I do not know. But once it was unticked the problem disappeared.


Now for the bad news - despite trying to find the offending tickbox for the past hour... ...


Got it! I was looking at too old a version, this is a newer one - open Selection tool:


Hover your mouse over the highlighted box and a popup will say something like "Select area under mouse pointer"... something like that. Probably that's got activated somehow.


If that box is not in exactly the same place as in my snap, it's probably because it was tinkered with for a later version.



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