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How do I do the hole in the floor for the top of stairs

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I am trying to draw a house with a staircase.


When I get to the top of the staircase on '2nd story' there is no 'hole'. I'd also like to do a minstrel's gallery, so that the corridor on the 2nd story can look down on the first


When I go to the 2nd story, having drawn the walls, the floor is 'auto filled in' for me, and I can't see how to 'cut a section out of it'

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This needs to get OFF the "to do" list and get DONE.

This is a fundamental flaw in being able to use the tool to create designs people!...get real

Make two kinds of floors, Transparent and normal....allow walls to have zero height but connect---then fill the zero height wall with
transparent floor....


2019---2 are 2+ Years since last response....I just upgraded and STILL not there....really...I could have bought something else which has this!!!

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