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WavePAD deletes .mp3 files upon close of applicaiton

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I was using WavePad v6.31, made a simple radio drop recording, saved as .mp3 and it worked. recording is not very good but that is not the issue. I received an email for WavePad update/upgrade to v6.33, I downloaded and installed it. Now if I create a new recording, again simple radio drop, save it, it is in the folder, but if I close the WavePad application it deletes ALL the files. I noticed it is creating .aud, .grf and "autosave" files in my c:\recordings folder. What is going on?! I have always used this folder c:\recordings for my radio drops, what has happened, please respond, I have a deadline tomorrow.

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You have probably overridden the default location of WavePad's working directory. If you open the Options dialog and click on the "Audio" tab, you should see 2 choices. Either use the default location, or specify the file path you'd like. The recommended option here is to use the default location unless you have a very specific reason not to.


The location you choose here will not determine where your files are recorded (so you can still record and save your files in C:\recordings as before). It simply determines where WavePad does various processing tasks such as generating temp files etc. You definitely don't want this folder to be the same as a folder where you save important files.



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