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File already exists error

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I'm trying to decrypt a folder I've used before, but am getting a message that foldername/foldername already exists, and the option to overwrite or not. Either option results in only recovering about half the files (the same half). There is a folder within the folder with the same name as it, I dont know if this is causing a problem for the current version of Meo, or its just the encryption got corrupted?


I was wondering where I can get hold of an older version of Meo to test if its just a recent bug? I can't find a version older than 2.12.

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Hi, I have the exact same problem (File already exists: Overwrite, No, Cancel - clicking any of these doesn't make a difference) and I am using the latest version (2.18) of the MEO Encryption software. 
Can you also please provide me with the earlier version that doesn't contain this bug? I tried some of the earlier versions (2.15, etc.) and none worked. Most of my files are completely inaccessible right now. 


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