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Philips .DSS.XML Property File vs DSS-Header Info

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In our office we have use the Olympus Dictation System. The recorders produce only .DSS files which seem to contain some status info like "ready for transcription" or "is being recorded". Now we got a philips recorder (9400 with Speechexec SW). This system produces not only DSS but also DSS.XML files, which contain some additional information *and* some information which is *also* in the DSS-header like the status flag.


And now we have the following problem: When I change the status of a dictate to "ready for transcription", this information is only stored in the DSS.XML file but *not* in the DSS-file itself. The Olympus Transcription SW ignores the XML file and does not open the file but shows an error-message "This dicate can't be opened. It's being recorded".


Is there any tool available, to change the status of a DSS-file manually?


Thanks for any hint to solve my problem!



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