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Express Invoice SSL/TLS Error

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I am having problems with an SSl/TLS connection for sending e-mail. The following is my configuration


SMTP mail host: mail.redacted.net:587
Server requires authentication = true
User Name: user@redacted.net
Password: ***********
Use secure connection (SSl/TLS) if available = true
If server is down, attempt to send directly = true

Default reply email: user@redacted.net


However, I am not able to even connect to the server. Then I followed and installed openssl as described here. However, all I get now is an error message to the tune of MAIL FROM unaccepted. My ISP has stated that the username is supposed to be as shown in my above block. It can't be an issue with my ISP, as our outlook configured identically works fine.


Current Error Message:

Mail host server (MAIL FROM not accepted). Please check your Email Settings.


Version 3.28, btw. What's the release cycle for this program, by the way? Rolling? Incremental?


Tested once more on version 4.32, it still does not resolve the problem. This was also done on a completely different computer and network for that matter (different external IP) so I doubt it's going to be an SMTP blockage. Any ideas?

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Just noticed I had forgot to update this. Ended up being a problem with our ISP. Had to use a different SMTP server address. Effectively, mail.redacted.net was incorrect.

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