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I have recently purchased this software and am having problems accessing it from home. We have the main program on a PC in the warehouse and I do the accounts from home on a mac. When I type in the address the progrm gives me at home on my mac it just says that the server is down.

Has anyone had this problem and does anyone know of a way to solve it?

Many thanks


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Hi Val,


Do you have your PC at the warehouse turned on with EI running and the web access turned on? When you click on the web access icon along the top of the main screen (on my version), it will ask you if you want to turn on the web access. If it's not on, nobody else can access it.


I have trouble occasionally accessing it from home. You have to watch the address. It tends to change unexpectedly. I have an assistant that uses EI from the local web access (the main is on my computer). A common question I hear is, Okay, what number are we today?


The last time I tried accessing it from home it didn't work. I haven't had a chance to explore why this time. You might also make sure your PC didn't go to sleep. That seems to affect it sometimes.


Hope this helps!



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