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missing chart of account

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Dear NCH,


when I was trying out version 4.x, I notice that when a new company is created, using the default chart of account, when adding new account in the "New Account Dialog", there are several standard default accounts to choose from, namely:-


1111 Cheque Account Asset

2410 GST Collected Liability

2420 GST Paid Liability Liability

2430 VAT Collected Liability

2440 VAT Paid Liability






However, in version 5.x


I notice that 2410,2420,2430,2440 are missing


Is there a reason why these are missed out?

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Hi Absolutecare. This is not a technical support channel - this is a user forum for discussion among users. Occasionally developers are reviewing comments and will respond, but not very often. If you are not receiving any feedback from forum users, please visit our support wizard and submit a support inquiry - just follow the prompts and at the end you can submit a free inquiry, even if you do not have paid support. DJ.

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Those accounts are only for countries with VAT-style taxes. If they don't show and you think that they should, then as DJ suggest, open a support ticket at www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html.

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