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exported video is shorter than created

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I have problems previewing and exporting a video. It only saves 1:03 minutes though it is 22 minutes long. It is the newest premium version of VideoPad.

What might I have done wrong? Does anybody have a suggestion?

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To give folks an idea of your system's resources, please do the following...


Click the START button|RUN and type "dxdiag" <enter>

After the file loads, click SAVE ALL INFORMATION (to a folder of your choice that you can locate easily).


Once saved, open that folder and double-click on the file. This should display the text file (probably in Notepad).

Press <ctrl-A> simultaneously to select the entire page, then <ctrl-C> simultaneously to copy the info.


Back in this forum, press <ctrl-V> to paste the file into your post. No personal info is revealed.


(It would be earlier to attach the file to a post, but unfortunately that feature is not enabled here.)

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When you say "previewing" I take that you mean viewing it in Videopad? Are you having a problem with this? Exporting and playing the result may be a different problem if it is coming out too short.

What is the length of the video on the timeline, and does it play correctly?

(Click the Sequence preview tab and then the "Go to END" arrow. What reading to you get in the box marked Current: under the preview screen? Is this the expected length of your video?


How are you exporting?



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