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Getting Text to Fade-In

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Version 3.61


The FADE option only works for the end of a clip and is meant to be used as a fade out it will work for text and images as you have noted but to apply a fade in you should do this....


Create your text (it will appear in the image bin) and place it onto Video Track 2 in the position where you want it to play. It will be an overlay on anything on Video Track 1.


Select it by right clicking and select the effect option from the menu.

Click the Add Effects button (the green cross) and select the Tranparency effect (Ought to be labelled Opacity :) .)

If you move the slider left and right you will see the blue line move up and down showing OPACITY levels from 0% to 100%

Make sure the red cursor line is at the extreme left (the start of the text clip) and set the slider to show 0% opacity.(i.e. 100% transparent) The blue line will move down to the bottom of the box.

Click the green cross to set the first keyframe of the title clip.This will put a marker on the blue line.

Move the red cursor line a short distance along to the right (about 3 seconds or so.....your fade in time.)

Move the slider to show 100% opacity. This will drag the blue line up in a slant to the top of the box)

Move the red cursor line along to about 3 seconds or so from the end of the title clip.....the bit left will be your fade-out time. A keyframe marker will appear as you move the cursor along.

Click the green cross again to fix the next keyframe position at this position, 3 seconds from the end.

Move the cursor line to the end of the title.

Move the Opacity slider back to 0%.opacity. The blue line will now slant down to the right and finish at the end of the clip.

Move the cursor line back and a last keyframe marker will be left at the end of the title clip. See below....





Click the Apply button.

When you play your sequence now, the title will fade in from 0% opacity to 100% opacity (3 seconds) and at the end fade out from 100% opacity back to 0% opacity.(3 seconds)

If the times for the effects are not exactly as you wish them to be you can simply open the effects pane again for the clip and shorten or lengthen the slope of the blue line by dragging the second and third small square keyframe markers to new positions but keeping them at the same height.



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