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Can I use my DVR ZR85 to import into Debut on my HP Envy

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Hi, I have an HP Envy running Win 8.1.

I also have a Canon ZR85 DVR.

I'm trying to figure out if i can use Debut to see digital video coming into my machine via USB.

I've connected it all up and have Debut running, gone into the options and don't see any choiced availble for my input device.

I'm presuming that it will not work this way, but want to double check before i start spending money on 'yet' more equipment/software to get the job done.

I used to use Pinnacle with this device on a diff win OS, but the latest ver of Pinnacle 17 w/patch was unstable and had problems.

Then my machine broke and i had to get another one.

That is all fixed now. New machine running and am looking for a straight forward way to inport my Digital video from DVR into my machine to do stuff with it.

That's it. I chose to try the NCH solution, since i really like alot of their other packages.


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Ok, i'm posting again for any responses to this.

Does anybody know how you can take video from a DVR and see it with Debut on Windows 8.1.

I'm using ah HP Envy machine and this machine does not have any onboard Firewire capabilities or any IEEE USB ports. (go figure)

I don't seem to be getting anywhere with this issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or have any good experience using any kind of FIrewire converter (one that actually converts the signal and not an adapter converter).

If i can't get Debut to work with this, i'll start looking into Movie Maker again, and if that fails, i'll have to fall back to Pinnacle again.

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