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FTP Uploded Files Corrupt

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I have two users using the Express Dictate app. One on iphone and the other on andorid, but they have both experenced the same issue.


They record an audio file and that goes fine, and then upload it to our server via FTP. (The files are in .wav format.)


Everything seems to work fine, except when the audio files are played back on a computer they get a few miniutes in and just go silent. I've tried to open the files in GoldWav and I get the error, "Internal file size incorrect. The file may be corrupt."


The file on the phone seems to still be intact and plays fine, it is just the uploaded version.


Is there some better setting we should be useing. This happend to both users last week, but we have been using the software for about a month with no other issues.


Thanks for any help.

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The iOS version of Express Dictate was just updated on Friday. Have you upgraded? There was a bug in both the iOS and Android versions regarding files getting truncated, and it should be fixed in the new releases, although I don't have a timetable for Android yet.

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