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Database transaction commit failed

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Two events are occuring with our Delegate system. I do not know if they are related.


The system is running very slow. The machine on which we have the Delegate located has plenty of resources and bandwidth, but it is taking it a tremendous amount of time to move between sections. This has only begun recently.


At the same time, our transcriptionists are having ever increasing time delays in dispatching their files. They are using Expess Scribe to connect to Delegate, download the files, and then return them when completed. When they try to dispatch, they often get an error message, Express Delegate [uploadTranscript] Database transaction commit failed. See the attached screenshot. Sometimes the variable reference is different, but the error message is the same.


We have tried to reduce the number of completed dictated files, reduce the number of dictation pages displayed, and anything else that might reference the database. However, since the "help" files are very vague, it is difficult to know what will affect the situation.


Has anyone experienced this problem? Does anyone have any solutions or suggestions?


Thank you!


Kenneth Briggs


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