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I buy express Invoice 1 year ago and my little ad agency grow. I recruited an assistant in order to manage all customers, invoices things etc... how can i mix the data for me and her ?


Another question, i buy a new computer, is it possible to enter my licence in order to switch completely the old or i need to buy another licence ?

Thanks for your answer.



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Hi Julien. You can use the original license code with the original program version on your new computer. Just uninstall the old one after you have transferred your data. You can use the web access feature to create a user account that your assistant can use to access the data directly on your computer from your local network or the internet. You could also setup an account for yourself if you like so you are both using the software through a browser. If you need help getting the web access feature working to your desires, please contact technical support through www.nchsoftware.com.DJ

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