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Moving multiple objects simultaneously

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Hi Folks. Firstly what a great piece of software and for free.


I have built a few charts and then decided to move to a larger page, I can can manage to select them all by draging across from top to bottom and I can copy, However when I come to paste on a new page The new chart sits right in the middle and I cant place it where I wasnt to which is top left. Again I can select all objects but there is no means, I can find, of dragging the whole lot at the same time.


I can only move one or two at a time which, with all the connecting lines becomes a bit of a nightmare.


I use a Mac and vs 1.08 of ClickCharts


Can Anyone help?





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Hi Clive,


When you paste, the newly pasted objects are automatically selected.


Before the selection changed, you can click and drag on any selected object to move the whole lot.


Best regards,



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