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Brief, Loud, Random Screech during playback

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My users are complaining that randomly and without warning, they will hear a short, loud screech or one-second bit of very loud static during playback. They have confirmed that the sound is not on the recording. It's coming through the ExpressScribe software. They feel it happens at least once during each playback session.


ExpressScribe is installed on my Terminal Server for 5 licensed users. During one occassion, two users who happen to be working side-by-side were both doing trascription and they BOTH heard the screech at the same time.


They could probably ignore it if it wasn't so loud.


I'm not sure where to start researching this. It could be the Express Scribe software. It could be the server's playback hardware. Or, it could be the combination.


Has anyone experienced this phenonomen? If so, is there a fix?

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