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Splitting an Invoice into 2 halves

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I have a quote which I am about to transfer into an invoice.


When this has been invoiced, I want to send over the customer their invoice, but only for part of the money.

How do I keep one Invoice(the same invoice number), but send out a customer the Invoice in two parts? Is this possible?



For example, the total job worth is £20,000

Materials cost £10,000 so you want this amount UPFRONT and the rest to be paid after works complete

I want to send the client an Invoice for the upfront materials cost of £10,000 (so part of the Invoice)

Then once the job finish, the £10,000 left over.


Any ideas? Any advice welcome:) Bit stuck and may need to do this regularly from now on! Much appreciated.



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It's tricky, but possible. I suggest editing the invoice should do the trick.


Following on your example above:

- First, edit the invoice and only send material cost 10000 to customer.

- When the customer pays, apply the payment. Now the invoice would appear as 'Paid'

- After the job is done, re-edit the invoice to add the 'job finish' 10000 item, making the total to 20000. (Note: do not remove the previous item i.e., material cost)

- Preview the invoice, it should have Total 20000, Paid 10000 and Remaining balance due 10000. Also, the invoice should appear as 'Partially paid'.

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First your quote would be for 20,000. Once you receive the initial payment of 10,000 convert the quote to an invoice and apply the initial payment. It will show up in your records as partially paid. If you preview the invoice it should show the total amount of 20,000, the amount paid of 10,000 and the balance due of 10,000. Hope this help.

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