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Failed Import Journal Transactions from CSV

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I made with success the import of items (1711 rows) and the import of sales invoices.


I have now a problem to import Journal Transactions. I do not understand what I missed this time.

I copied my csv test file below.

DATE Journal type Reference Description (Journal Memo) Account number Account Description Debit amount Credit amount 10/02/2013 GJ GJ1 Journal Entry AC ADMIN FEE 6900 Bank Charges 48.77 - 10/02/2013 GJ GJ2 Journal Entry AC ADMIN FEE 1100 HSBC - 48.77


I got the following window:


"Required Information Missing"

1. Journal type

2. Reference

3. Description (Journal Memo)

4. Account Number

5. Debit or Credit amount


I will appreciate any assistance in the matter.




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Looking at your data, I can see following issues where it could go wrong and display that message:

1) Do you have commas (,) in the csv file? Try opening your csv file in notepad.

2) 'Journal type' field for ex-accounts should have one of these: "Payments", "Receipts", "Sales", "Purchases", or "General"

3) 'Reference' number should be same for a debit-credit pair of transaction.

4) Check and match date format settings in Options -> Regional (,and also system date in Control Panel, regions and languages.)

5) Check 'Charts of Accounts' to see if account numbers 6900 and 1100 exist.

6) When importing, start from row 2


Your csv file in notepad editor should look something like:


"DATE","Journal type","Reference","Description (Journal Memo)","Account number","Account Description","Debit amount","Credit amount"

"2013-10-02","General","GJ1","Journal Entry AC ADMIN FEE","6900","Bank Charges","48.77","-"

"2013-10-02","General","GJ1","Journal Entry AC ADMIN FEE","1100","HSBC","-","48.77"


Hope this helps!

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