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Voxal: Does it work?

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1; Voxal Voice Changer worked for a while on my machine then it decided to stop.

2; Seems to be unable to detect audio stream.

3; Was working.

4; Voxal support unable to understand this bug!

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Hi all,


I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the program Voxal.


Voxal actually uses a software filter to capture the stream in from an input device (microphone) and outputs the sound modified so it can be used by other applications like Skype, games with voice communication, softphones, etc.


It is known that the program filter might not be compatible with all the sound cards, and if it compatible with the card it is also possible that the stream the filter sends might not work with the application/program where intended to be used in.


You can try to reinstall the filter to attempt to get it to work. You can get the installer for the filter here:



After the installation you must reboot the computer.

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