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applying credit note issues???

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Any help here would be welcome. I must be overlooking some point but I cannot get the credit system to work. I have tried many times but i can never get the amounts to be applied.


If anybody could explain the steps they take i would appreciate it :-)


Whichever way i try it does not apply it??


I am using a paid version of the latest version on a Mac - not via the web option.


Cheers Steve

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Hi, I am not tech support, and this is not our tech support channel (that would be here )...but when you apply a credit note, it is applied to the customers account balance and can be seen on the customer statement. You can reference an invoice for the credit note, but the credit note itself is attached to the customer account, and reflected in the balance for the customer account, not on the invoice that it may reference. If you are using it to refund, then add the credit note and also a negative payment in the amount of the credit note once the refund has been provided. Hope this helps.

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