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No audio on audio files or video files


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Hello, I'm new to VideoPad and have enjoyed using it so far. I had it working great and compiled a few great videos of my son riding bulls (yes, he rides bucking bulls and is quite good). I'm using VideoPad version 3.02 on a Windows Vista machine. Somehwhere along the way I downloaded VLC player for another unrelated project and unsure if it is related or not, but it seems to have jacked up my default players for various files.


Now when I pull up a project that was working fine a few weeks ago, I have no audio, either from the mp4 or MOV video files, or the wma or m4a audio files I was using for background music. In a related note, when I try to "clip preview" one of the audio files, the play button does not work and the audio file does not play. When I preview one of the video files, the video plays fine but no audio. These files all play fine (with audio) outside of VideoPad with Quicktime or WMP and the audio files play fine with Wavepad Sound Editor. The audio portion of the mp4 video files play fine as well in Wavepad Sound Editor. Same problem with any of the preview functions or with any new files uploaded for a new project. Makes me think it is a either a bug or some setting I am missing (or have changed unknowingly).


Can anyone point me in the right direction with a fix? Thank you very much!


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