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m4a to mp3 conversion - Please help!!!!


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Just purchased Switch to convert my m4a files to mp3 to run on my iTunes account. I used an audio/record player to convert some vinyl albums onto a digital format which resulted in these m4a files which will not play on my iPod. I am converting on my iMac however every time I click on the "Convert" icon, it converts to a 3KB mp3 file that does not play on my iTunes.


Please help!!!! I can't seem to get any response or help from NCH.




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Hi Sharon,

What was the name of the software you used for recording these m4a files? m4a is one of the formats that iTunes promotes very strongly, so it is extremely unusual for iTunes to not be able to play an m4a file. I suspect the files you have are either corrupt or using a very unusual codec. It's possible that the software you used to create them didn't do a very good job!




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