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Where have my files gone?


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I have been using Golden Records for quite a few years now, (V1.23, I think), but recently I had to "retire" my trusty PC, and consequently I could not restore that version to the new PC and had to purchase :( a new registration for V1.93 (back in mid November 2012). I found out the hard way that deleting the recorded files from the recorderd list after I had finished with them, ALSO deleted them from the dedicated folder on the external hard drive. This DID NOT happen on the old version. Has there been a change to this feature, or am I missing something?


Is there ANY WAY I can recover the deleted files? They are not in the recycle bin! I thought about doing a restore back 2 days, but not sure if this will work. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Thanks in advance

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I am probably missing something myself as I don’t know exactly what you mean by deleting files from the recorded list, or dedicated folder, but read on for my thoughts.

My reply is going to be of no comfort to you as I have no clue whether you can recover your files, but for prosperity’s sake I have to state:


I also had to ‘retire’ a pc unit just over a year ago and subsequently had to repurchase new versions of my NCH software when I got my current windows 7.

Fortunately all the countless hours of recording I had done previously were still available to me, and I don’t know why you would have a different experience...


I always save my files (read: set destination folder) - whether a recording via GoldenRecords, SoundTap, WavePad, etc.- to a folder and file format of my choosing (always .wav for my usage.)

Don’t rely on the defaults; always save in a folder and a format of your choice. How that could 'disappear' is beyond me.

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One problem solved. I was using the same directory for recording to, as well as "Make a copy to". So i think that may have been the trouble. My computer tech son managed to get my files back. Whew!!!


Another problem, as I altered the "Make a copy to" directory, I can't remember what the default directory was. Can someonre help me in this regard. Using Windows7 Home Premium.


Thanks in advance.

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