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mp4 video in web page takes full play cycle before displaying

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I'm trying to test the free version of VideoPad to see if I can use it to output mp4 movies, which I then want to play in an HTML5 video player on my web site.


For my test:


1) For comparison, I downloaded an existing mp4 video from YouTube. File size: 4.4 MB (!).


2) I created a quick video in VideoPad and used Save Movie to output it in mp4 format. File size: 88 KB.


3) I coded both movies into a web page (<video> tag).


When I open the web page:


1) The (much bigger) existing movie from YouTube displays with the starting frame visible and immediately starts when I click the play button.


2) The small movie created in VideoPad is black, no starting frame visible. When I click play, it remains black until the entire movie has played once. When it ends the starting frame finally displays and its ready to play.


Note: I have tried many combinations in the Save Movie dialog (which is confusing) with the same results.


I will appreciate greatly any thoughts or suggestions.



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